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Ordering Information

Updated 2 January 2024

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Price List

General Ordering and Pickup Information

  • Piedmont Heritage Poultry (PHP) sells LIVE BIRDS only and does NOT sell hatching eggs.
  • Order limits: No Minimum, but strongly recommend buying at least 2 birds as they need companionship. Maxium of 6 birds of one breed. I am not set up to fill large or commercial orders.
  • Payment must be made in full, by check, at time of order.  Make checks payable to Small Little Farm.
  • To reserve your chicks, mail the order form with payment in full to:
    Caryl E. Buck
    Small Little Farm
    8894 Meetze Rd.

    Warrenton, VA 20187
  • Payment is non-refundable unless live birds become unavailable due to reduced lay, failed hatch, predators, or adverse weather events. In such a case, payment will be immediately refunded in full.
  • Email Notifications: Please ensure your contact information is accurate and legible!

    1) When your order is received, stating your place in the hatch line (or waiting list in the case of older birds).
    2) When your eggs are placed in the incubator, giving you about one month to prepare for your chicks.
    3) When your chicks are hatched with the pick up window. Directions to Small Little Farm will be forwarded in the pickup notification.
    For those on a waiting list for older birds, when availability can be determined for the current year
  • All birds must be picked up by appointment at Small Little Farm near Warrenton, VA, within 7 days of notification, unless you have requested a hold. Otherwise your birds will be offered to the next customer in line and you will go to the end of the hatch line. Because I hatch to order, you will not receive a refund if you change your mind and do not pick up your birds.  Sorry, I do not ship!

Ordering Poults, Goslings, or Ducklings

  • Chicks are reserved in the order that paid orders are received. Orders are filled as the chicks hatch.

  • Chicks are held for a minimum of 5 days after hatch to ensure they are eating and drinking normally and off to a healthy start, before being released to customers.
  • All chicks are sold unsexed!
  • Please note: Since the breeding stock lives outside year-round, nature controls when they start to lay every year. Supplemental lighting is not used to induce early laying. Generally, PHP turkeys generally start to lay in the March/April time frame. Geese usually start laying in February. And ducks in Feb/Mar. Incubation takes approximately 28 days.

Ordering Older Turkeys, Geese, or Ducks

  • These are occasionally available, and can be various ages.
  • You may request a sexed bird.
  • This is a waiting list situation. Orders can not be positively guaranteed to be filled. Do NOT send payment with your order form.

  • Turkeys and ducks may be ordered singly. Bonded goose pairs will not be split. Single geese are rarely available.

Ordering Retired Turkey Breeders

  • Very limited numbers. They go fast. Get on the waiting list early.

  • This is a waiting list situation. Orders can not be positively guaranteed to be filled. Do NOT send payment with your order form.
  • These are retirees from my breeding stock and are usually available in the November, after molting.
  • You may request a sexed bird.
  • Do NOT send payment with your order form. Payment will be due on pickup.