Piedmont Heritage Poultry

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Selected Heritage Breed
Turkey Poults, Goslings, and Ducklings

Warrenton, Virginia

540 341-4266

Updated: 2 January 2024


Piedmont Heritage Poultry breeds heritage poultry on a small scale in the rolling hills of the Piedmont, located near Warrenton, VA, offering chicks of selected turkey, goose, and duck breeds.  I started this small poultry operation for two reasons: 

1) To support a healthy food system by raising heritage breeds to help preserve the genetic diversity found in heritage livestock.

2) To provide a local source in the greater Washington, D.C. (DMV) region for selected breeds of heritage poultry to meet the demand for those who just want one or a few heritage breed chicks. I am not equipped to handle large orders.

Chicks are usually incubator-hatched, but the parents are allowed to hatch out the last clutches of the season to ensure the retention of proper maternal traits.

Small Little Farm is a member of the The Livestock Conservancy and the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.

Winston and TurkeysBreeding Stock    

PHP raises most of its own breeding stock.  Breeding stock is selected for good health, ability to mate naturally, and correct breed characteristics.

Breeders are allowed to happily roam freely around the farm during the non-egg laying season.  During the breeding season, breeders are placed in roomy, ground level pens to control parentage of the eggs, while allowing continued expression of natural behaviors. 

Egg collection stops in early June to let the birds raise their own young to ensure maintenance of good maternal instinct in the breeding stock.

The breeding stock is hearty, maintained outside year-round with simple, covered shelters for refuge from adverse weather conditions.  Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs protect the birds from predators. I select for non-aggression in all of my breeding stock.

Duckling HatchingChicks (Poults, Goslings, Ducklings) for Sale   

Breeds: PHP offers Bourbon Red, Standard Bronze and Royal Palm poults, American Buff and Sebastopol goslings, and Welsh Harlequin ducklings.

Age: PHP offers "started" chicks that are at least five days old, to eliminate the risk of early day losses for the customer. Started chicks have been observed carefully to ensure they are eating and drinking well, Started Poultsgrowing, and displaying normal behavior and activity before they are released to the customer. Your order may have chicks from different hatch days, but the chicks will be similar enough in age so it won't affect brooding or raising them all together.

Sexing: All chicks are offered straight run (unsexed) only.

Order Minimum and Maximum: Although I strongly recommend you raise at least two chicks so they have natural companionship, there is no minimum order.  There is a maximum order limit of 6 of one breed, (so someone could order, for example, 6 chicks each of two or more breeds). PHP's goal is to serve local customers who just want a few birds. I am not set up to accept large or commercial orders.

Pick up: All chicks must be picked up at Small Little Farm within five days of notification of readiness or they will be offered to another buyer, unless you have requested that they be held for you (a $0.50 fee per day per chick applies for holding).

Prices: The complete price list can be found on the Order page. Because I hatch your chicks to order, payment for all chicks is required when the order is placed.

Young and Adult Turkeys, Geese, and Ducks for Sale

A limited number of young or adult birds are occasionally available.If ordering these, understand you will be on a waiting list for when birds become available. Prices can be found on the Order page.

Retired Turkey Breeders for Sale

As the oldest breeding stock is rotated out each year, the retired breeders (a very limited number) are offered for sale. These breeders should still be able to produce for at least another two years. They are not recommended as the best to harvest for eating. Contact PHP early in the year, if you want to reserve a retired breeder. If ordering these, understand you will be on a waiting list for when birds become available. Prices can be found on the Order page.